Strategies 360 Hawaii

An international gathering of Oceanic nations, showcasing their thriving arts and cultural traditions.

Events Schedule (Tentative, to be confirmed)

June 10, 2020
Waʻa Arrivals and Welcome

June 11, 2020
Lei Draping Ceremony at the Statue of King Kamehameha I

June 11, 2020
FESTPAC Opening Ceremonies at ʻIolani Palace

June 12, 2020
FESTPAC Village Opening

June 12 – 20, 2020
Cultural demonstrations, performing arts, art exhibits, storytelling, film festival

June 13, 2020
Kamehameha Day Parade/Parade of Nations (to include floats and pāʻū (horseback) riders

June 14, 2020
FESTPAC Ecumenical Services at Hawaiʻi Convention Center

June 21, 2020
FESTPAC Closing Ceremonies

Event Descriptions

Performing Arts

Choral Singing
An evening of secular and non-secular music highlighting the transcendent vocal harmonies of Oceanic peoples.

Dance, Songs and Chants
Contemporary and traditional dances, songs and chants of the indigenous peoples of Oceania.

Theatrical performances that give voice to the diversity of issues confronting Pacific Islanders in the modern world.

Music, Jam Session
Spotlighting contemporary music performances.

Oral Traditions and Storytelling
Live performances featuring oral traditions and storytelling.

Visual Arts

Arts Market
Contemporary and traditional Arts Market showcasing the creative industries of the indigenous peoples of Oceania.

Body Ornamentation
Featuring traditional, hand-crafted adornments along with contemporary jewelry.

Demonstrations of the robust carving traditions of Oceanic peoples.   

Fashion/Wearable Art Show
Traditional and contemporary wear hit the fashion runway in this celebration of innovation and creativity in design.

FESTPAC Film Fest features short films, documentaries and feature-length works by Pacific Islanders, held in conjunction with workshops and forums. 

Floral Arts
Plants and flowers are woven into our cultures, expressing the values, traditions and contemporary ideas that shape who we are.

Pacific Island Queen Pageant
Workshops and forums on the issues confronting LGBTQ Pacific Islanders, culminating in a Pacific Islander Queen Pageant that celebrates both identity and culture:

  • Workshop Mahu – LGBQT

Demonstrations of kākau (tattoo), illustrating the cultural and genealogical roots of this striking Oceanic tradition.

Visual Arts
Traditional and contemporary expressions of culture, including painting, illustrations, graphics, photography, sculpture and pottery.

Demonstrations of weaving traditions from across Oceania, along with hands-on workshops, weaving displays and discussions.

Other Traditional Practices

Canoe Voyaging
Seafaring activities, discussions and displays hosted by the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

Culinary Arts
Demonstrations and workshops on Oceanic cuisine, offering an exquisite taste of traditional and contemporary flavors.

Ecumenical Service
On Sunday, June 14, 2020, “E Kūkulu pilina kākou” (Let us build community) invites participants to gather together for Sunday worship.

Healing Arts
Healing practices that apply traditional wisdom to modern-day life, including massage, birthing methods and lāʻau lapaʻau (use of medicinal plants).

Oceanic Literature
Book displays, lectures, panel discussions and workshops on recent publications by and about Pacific Islanders.

Traditional Games
Traditional games and exhibitions, including:

Traditional Kite Flying –  making and flying
Traditional Game Competition – children and adult friendly competitions
Canoe Regatta – A friendly competition among nations.

Workshops, Forums and Seminars
Workshops, forums and seminars addressing the issues confronting Oceanic peoples today, such as rising sea levels, health and cultural appropriation.

Youth Ambassador Program
Cultivating the next generation of island leaders though a mentoring program in journalism, media and government relations .

Countdown to FESTPAC 2020 Opening Day